5x7 Field Cameras : a round-up

by Q.-Tuan Luong for the Large Format Page

Summary: This document surveys all the 5x7 cameras that I am aware of.

Some of the cameras described here are just scaled-up version of a 4x5, so look also at the 4x5 round-up.

There are a few monorail view cameras in current production which are available in 5x7. I don't know too much about this category of cameras. My first 5x7 camera was a 4x5 Tachihara with an extension back. This is a cheap ($900) and easy way to get started in 5x7, but has a number of limitations. Such backs are available for several other cameras, including the Wista. As I got hooked into 5x7, I tried two "true" 5x7 cameras ( a Kodak ($200) and an early Toyo metal field (bought from Midwest for $700, they let me return it after a month without any problem) and looked at many of them. I finally settled down for a Canham, which is what I found works best for me.

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