Walker Titan : a note

By Lance Bledsoe for the Large Format Page

I just got a flyer from Calumet about the new Walker Titan 4x5 Field Camera, imported from Britain. This appears to be a very well made 4x5 camera, incorporating some sort of hi-tech polymer (plastic) body, with metal fittings. The camera body and bellows are claimed to be water resistant.

Walker claims that this camera works very well with lenses down to 47mm, with the optional bag bellows. One feature I noticed immediately, was a more complicated looking front standard design which would allow the lensboard to be shifted vertically even when it has been tilted rearward. On other systems, focus for very wide lenses is accomplished by tilting the front standard rearward, but this action then makes even simple rise and fall difficult, as the angle of tilt of the lensboard must be changed to achieve front rise and fall.

Currently, Calumet is sending me more detailed information, but I suspect that there is a good chance that the camera has an international back, which will allow it to accept other Calumet/Cambo and Graflock type accessories.

If this camera is all that it appears to be, it will certainly cause those of us who are considering the purchase of a Wisner, Wista, Canham, etc., to seriously consider it as an alternative.

The basic camera sells for $1795, and the bag bellows is an additional $230. Lensboards are $29 each, and are Wista compatible.

For more details and specs, see View Camera's review.

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