The human figure

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The Eternal Body : A Collection of Fifty Nudes Ruth Bernhard is a master of the classic nude, emphasizing shapes and light in a sculptural and abstract way. [QTL]
Jock Sturges Jock Sturges develops a long and confident relationship with his subjects who pose nude for him over the course of several years. Many images were taken in the great light of the beaches of France. The books has absolutely no text, but a separate sheet helps identify the subjects. It is fascinating to look at their change over time. Besides the radiant beauty of their young bodies, the 8x10 camera captures every emotional nuance of the subjects (mostly girls and young women), making each image a loving portrait. [QTL]
Immediate Family by Sally Mann The book consists of photographs of her children doing their own things around their rural Virginia home. It goes far beyond "family photos", to explore the complexity and ambiguity of the emotions of childhood. Surprisingly for the subject matter, the photos were taken with an 8x10 and exhibit a remarkable combination of sharpness and softness. [QTL]
Karsh : A Sixty-Year Retrospective Karsh is a master portrait photographer who has produced some of the best known images of our time. What few know is that they have been made on location using most of the time a 8x10 camera. [QTL]
Arnold Newman Arnold Newman practically invented environmental portraiture. This book spans his entire career, starting from the 40's and continuing today, and features a significant cross-section of the important personalities of our world. For a more focused selection of his work, see also Arnold Newman's Americans. [QTL]
The American West While Avedon has also photographed his share of celebrities (see Evidence : 1944-1994 for a catalog of his work) in this book he shares images of ordinary people, photographed with stark realism during his travels. [QTL]
American Odyssey Mary Ellen Mark has documented in a photojournalistic style the hard lives of poor adults and children in several countries, emphasizing their humanity. This book collects her work in America. [QTL]
Until Now Anne Geddes has made a specialty of photographing babies in an artistic way, and in the process made herself one of the most succesful large format photographers working today. Among the countless books she has published, this one, a 10 year retrospective of her work, is one of the most representative of her style. [QTL]
Stranger Passing This book by Joel Sternfeld consists of sixty environmental portraits of anonymous Americans from all places and walks of life, captured within urbanscapes. The color photographs were made with a 8x10 and display a remarkable sensitivity to light. They are study of space as well as people. [QTL]

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