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Photographing Buildings Inside and Out This book, an excellent collection of photographs by leading architectural photographer Norman McGrath, is a tutorial study of many of the practical situations and problems encountered by working architectural photographers: interiors, exteriors, perspective, lighting, etc..
Julius Shulman : Architecture and Its Photography For more than sixty years, Julius Shulman has photographed modern architecture (especially in California) in a way to reveal the architect's intention. This book, besides 500 photographs, contains also a personal memoir with insights on architecture and photography.
Modern Architecture : Photographs by Ezra Stoller Ezra Stoller is another great figure of modern architecture photography, and has worked with several of the most influential architects. This book is a gallery of mid-century classic modernism's clarity and drama.
Places of Power John Sexton applies his mastery of B&W photography and printmaking to Anasazi ruins, and more unusual, industrial subjects. Structures and machines that were built for utilitarian purposes are seen as beautiful forms.
Andreas Gursky Andreas Gursky captures the defining synthetic spaces of the contemporary capitalistic society such as stock markets, stores, arenas, hotel lobbies and factories in extremely large, detailed, information packed, textured, images. His thought-provoking work has a great range including landscape and the human figure (crowds), but since he is best known for urbanscapes, I've placed this link here. This book, the catalog of his 2002 retrospective at the New York's Moma, is the best overview of his work.

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